CONVENTION Information updated FOR 2015!!!

Welcome to the Blue and White Pottery Club

The Blue & White Pottery Club was founded in 1981 by a modest number of ardent Blue & White Stoneware pottery enthusiasts and collectors, principally in the Midwest. The Blue & White pottery interests includes Blue & White, Uhl, Blue & Gray (Utica/Flemish), Sleepy Eye, Spongeware, Red Wing, and other Stoneware. The dynamic and ever growing Blue & White Pottery Club has more than 550 members reaching from coast to coast and border to border.

The principal goals of the Blue & White Pottery Club are to share information, encourage learning, and foster an appreciation of the distinct history, wide variety, and increasing collectability of Blue & White Stoneware pottery. Equally important goals are the promotion and nurturing of friendships with fellow collectors and to further the equal opportunity for all to participate in new discoveries and exciting information about Blue & White pottery. For more information please contact any board member.

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