Join us for your 2015 Blue and White Convention in
East Peoria, Illinois on June 11 - 13 2015

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Check out the photos of convention events below!

THREE GENERATIONS of the Porter family men attended 2009 convention:

THURSDAY EVENING WELCOME PARTY: Our traditional "Welcome Party" and informal social mixer dinner will be held promptly at 6:00 pm on Thursday night. Enjoy great food, lively fun, seeing old friends, making new ones, and general "High-Class Chit-Chat." Prizes will be given away by drawing of the Welcome Party participants. 

THURSDAY NIGHT ROOM SALES: Club members can sell anything they want in their hotel room. If you are selling from your room, place your room number on the Room Sales bulletin board near the registration table.

SHOW AND SALE: At 9:00 am the doors open to eager shoppers!

BLACK LIGHT: There will be a black light box available in the Show and Sale room to check for repairs on any questionable piece of stoneware. Check out that piece you already have in your collection or any piece you want to buy at the Show and Sale. RARE

RARE STONEWARE SHOWCASE: A locked showcase is available to members at the Show and Sale for anyone to place rare and unusual pieces of B& W stoneware or pottery for the enjoyment of all. There are always wonderful surprises so bring your camera!

CONVENTION DISPLAYS: Once again displays featuring B&W Stoneware, advertising stoneware, and stoneware related items will be featured during the Show & Sale. This will be an opportunity for members to display items from their collection for other members to enjoy.

SEMINARS: Our members and friends share information about pottery or stoneware, but also other antique collections. Past seminars have included Pottery Making demonstrations, Stoneware history discussions, .

FRIDAY NIGHT FUN AUCTION: Anything is bound to happen at this crazy event. Anything from a piece of pottery or stoneware to a nightgown, light bulb, or a hammer have shown up. When the auctioneer reaches the top dollar for your item, he/she will ask who owns it. Identify yourself as the owner and say "sell it" or "no sale." Every "no sale" item goes back to the seller usually followed by a round of hisses, whistles, and cat-calls! You are the ones who will make this a fun activity.

SATURDAY CLUB AUCTION: The auction items are limited to B&W stoneware. There will be no new or reproduction pieces in the auction, and the only commemoratives will be those placed there by the Board as fund raisers for the Club. The 19 Premiere Auction pieces (pieces valued at $500 or more) brought $37,500 at 2007 convention.

SATURDAY NIGHT BANQUET: The Saturday night festivities will start at 5:30 p.m. with a cash bar cocktail hour and the banquet will start at 6:30 p.m. Door prizes will also be presented and include paid registration for next year's Convention, one night's paid lodging for next year's Convention, and a paid family membership for the coming year in your B& W Pottery Club.

BUSINESS MEETING: The annual B&W Pottery Club business meeting will be held on Friday, June 20, promptly at 1:00 pm. This is your opportunity to bring any questions, concerns, or suggestions to the floor for general discussion and review. There will be topics of general interest to address and nominations and elections for officers and board members.


Convention is truly wonderful ~ so much to see and do. So many fine and wonderful friends and all that stoneware!!!!!


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