Origins of Blue and White Stoneware

From about 1900 to the 1940s, embossed Blue & White, Blue & Gray, Spongeware, Uhl, Sleepy Eye and other stoneware was a standard component of many American households. It was a regular product line manufactured by many potteries around the American Midwest. These potteries manufactured various Stoneware items to fill a broad range of kitchen, personal hygiene, and other needs.
The variety of pieces is almost endless and includes pitchers, bowls, salt and butter tubs, kitchen canisters, umbrella stands, chamber pots (thunder mugs), slop jars (combinetts), and other items. Many of these pieces are elaborately decorated with embossed scenes or designs such as forests, birds, animals, people, and flowers. These pieces are lovely art designs in their own right and most are now quite popular and cherished objects to many collectors.

Several retail stores usually carried a variety of Stoneware lines in their sales catalogs. However, many pieces were purchased directly from local general stores and some were usually available as "giveaways" - buy a bag of flour and a piece of Stoneware was included. Occasionally, the piece had promotional advertising on it. Advertising pieces are now very collectable.

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